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Dr. Remya Poulose

Consultant ENT Surgeon

A gifted ENT surgeon trained in comprehensive management of diseases and disorders of the ear, nose and throat, who performs all the basic ENT surgeries, micro laryngeal, micro ear surgeries and endoscopic sinus surgeries, nasal bone reduction, tympanoplasty,  cortical mastoidectomy, modified radical mastoidectomy, adenoidectomy, UVVP, septoplasty, SMR and rhinoplasty with more than 9 years of experience. 
1. MS (ENT) from Government Medical College, Kottayam.
2. DLO from Government Medical College, Kottayam.
3. MBBS from Government Medical College, Kottayam.
Work Experience:
1. Consultant ENT Surgeon in Lisie Hospital, Kochi
2. Consultant ENT Surgeon in Carmel Hospital, Aluva
3. Senior Resident in Government Medical College, Kottayam.
1. Won first prize in Quiz Competition at KENTCON-2006, at Kochi
2. 3rd Prize in Quiz Competition at SZENTCON 2007, Kovalam
3. ‘An Unusual Catastrophe During Mastoid Surgery’ presented at CENTCON 2007
4. ‘Quinsy Masquerading Palatal Malignancy’ SZENTCON 2007