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Our senior orthopaedic and joint replacement surgeon Dr Paul P Antony has successfully done the Bilateral Total Knee Replacement Surgery, by the help of computer navigated system at MAJ Hospital.
The surgical technique of computer navigation starts with the use of technology in marking and mapping the anatomy of the arthritic knee and adjacent bony structures. Through the use of sophisticated software the computer is able to ascertain the position of the knee in space and detect and quantify any deformities or bone loss. It then, with input from the surgeon, can determine what changes need be made via bone cuts and ligament balancing so as to position the new artificial knee in the proper anatomic alignment. The computer gathers a image of the anatomy of the knee preoperatively and the intended anatomy of the knee at the completion of surgery. It is the surgeon’s job to interpret this data so that at the completion of the procedure normal patient anatomy is established as precisely as possible. This will provide the opportunity for the patient to regain the maximum function and motion possible.

The well known orthopaedic and joint replacement surgeon Dr Paul P Antony, has done many rare joint replacement surgeries at MAJ Hospital. Dr Harish A and Dr Jithin Davies were in the team during the surgery.