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Laboratory Services

Welcome to M.A.J. Laboratory Medicine Department which is equipped with all newer technology machines to deliver quality results on time and reduce human error. Dr Shankari R Shenoy, Consultant Ppathologist with 27yrs experience  of managing laboratory medicine and was part of national as well as international accreditation. We ensure we deliver quality results to all our patients by multilevel quality check. All of our departments are headed by clinical specialist and supported by postgraduates with trained and experienced technician.  To eliminate human error and deliver the results within the framed turn around time Barcodes are utilised to all our patients. Quality check of all equipments are done by running internal quality control before loading patient samples. We also participate in external quality control by CMC Vellore to check our performance.

Under the guidance of experienced biochemist the routine tests like Lipid profile,Liver profile are performed using Beckman Coulter AU 480analyser. Special tests like thyroid profile, fertility harmones, cancer markers, hepatitis markers,Vit D ,PSA and therapeutic drugs assays  are performed with Abbot 100Sr analyser.  We also perform  HbA1C assay with Tosho analyser by  HPLC . The routine culture and blood culture are performed under the guidance of clinical microbiologist.  Blood culture is performed in newly installed BD BactecFX 40 Automated Blood Culture system which has the best practice guidelines for the treatment of septic patients that includes an early initiation of the antimicrobial therapy. . Thus it helps in  rapid and accurate diagnosis of sepsis.
In hematology department the Haemogram and ESR is performed by Hematology autoanalyser Abbott cell Dyna and Ali Fax Roller 20MC ESR machine. The equipment is handled by trained and experienced technician. Clinical pathology is upgraded recently with newly launched Sysmex urine chemistry and sediment analyser. With just urine analysis  our physician, urologist, nephrologist receive information for early diagnosis and also prevention of  complication of many diseases.

Special mention about Molecular biology section . Due to hard work of clinical microbiologist and postgraduate  we are proud to say that it is  accreditated by NABL in 2023 October within short period of establishment. The  diagnosis of infectious diseases like hepatitis,H1N1,covid, salmonella,TB,HPV is done by Truenat a rapid molecular test based on RT PCR technology. We also perform allergy tests, coagulation assay like D dimer,PT,APTT.

To conclude we the management and laboratory medicine dedicated and trained team of MAJ Hospital are happy to deliver quality results on time to our patients

The department of Laboratory Medicine performs a wide range of qualitative diagnostic tests for both inpatients and outpatients at affordable cost. We have the following branch of services;


The blood tests conducted within a health assessment are interpreted in conjunction with a clinical examination, previous medical history and current medications. Biochemistry tests measure the chemical substances carried by the blood. Key tests indicate the level of functioning of the liver and kidneys. A basic metabolic panel measures sodium, potassium, chloride, bicarbonate, blood urea nitrogen (BUN), magnesium, creatinine, glucose, and sometimes calcium. Tests focusing on cholesterol levels can determine LDL and HDL cholesterol levels, as well as triglyceride levels.


The Hematology section of the laboratory is very well equipped with state-of-the-the-art instruments. Even routine blood counts are performed on highly sophisticated cell counters which provide numerous parameters on every single sample. 


The histopathology section of the laboratory provides services for routine and specialized processing of all surgical and cytological specimens. 


Microbiology section of the laboratory provides state-of-art services for diagnosis of infectious diseases - bacterial, mycobacteria, and fungal, parasitic, and viral infections.