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Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation

The Physiotherapy department is one of the largest in the city with all modern equipment and a team of highly experienced professionals. The department is managed by the hands of a 20 years experienced hand. We offer Personal but Highly professional Physiotherapy services at affordable charges. 
Our mission is to improve the health condition and well-being of our patients and help in achieving their normal life. We provide high quality Professional Rehabilitation services in the city with all latest equipment, technology and methods 
We take care of:
• All Orthopaedic cases.
• Arthritic patients.
• Joint replacement surgery - post surgery rehabilitation.
• Sports injuries.
• Neuro rehabilitation.
• Neurological disorders.
• Post-operative cases
• Convalescence after surgery
• Spastics.
• Spondylitis.
• Paralytic strokes.
• Physiotherapy and training for old age  for walking/gait training for hip, knee, leg surgery and other injuries.
• Physiotherapy in all modalities.
Speciality Services 
• All Latest Electrotherapy Modalities 
• Myofascial Release
• Joint and Soft-tissue Mobilization
• Balance and Coordination Training
• Core Body Strength Training
• Body Weight Support Training and Gait Training
• Ergonomics, Body Mechanics and Energy Conservation Training
• Neuromuscular Re-education
• Pulmonary and Cardiac Therapy
• Sports specific therapy
• Therapeutic Exercises
• Lymphedema Management
Speciality Clinics
• Neurological Rehabilitation
• Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
• Paediatric Rehabilitation
• Geriatric Rehabilitation
• Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
• Chronic Pain Management 
• Women's Health Issues
• Vestibular / Balance Disorders Evaluation and Treatment
• Amputee Rehabilitation
• Fitness Programme Prescription
50000 + successful case studies. 
100 %  Happy patients and their continued references